The Problem with Dating 9-5 Men in America



I Had an Interesting conversation today with a FB Guy trying to score with me. Michael Reid of Salt Lake City.Check him out Gurls..


I’m a pretty successful woman I would like to say. But I truly seek a down to earth,hard working 9-5 small business owner or man. whose striving to build their own path in life.

A man where I can get behind his dream and lay a brick or two for him.If I decide because I see and believe in his struggle or movement.

Ladies, such as Tera Patrick, Gwyn Stefani and Many more date ordinary down to earth men and have wonderful relationships. Only thing is finding a man, who looks at you as a woman and not a threat or meal ticket.

In the beginning I had a cool conversation with this guy and JUST like that he went south with that Dumb and Ignorant guy’s test a woman on.

LMAO (YES) Its hard out here for a “Go Getter Female” to find a love to have a walk in the park, cook a meal together and watch a movie,while cuddling after a long day.

This is one of my BIGGEST topics I’ll discuss on my show with every female guest and hopefully. shed some light on the PROBLEM with low self esteem men in America. I am also going to look forward to sitting down some of Americas playas Like {Ice T or Don Juan) to hear their side, why the america’s men can’t grow mentally out of repression and depression enough to into a mentally healthy relationship.

By: Amaris Soph’e Adara





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I Advise You To Trust That Your Father Knows Best

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BlutoDear Modern Philosopher,

Father’s Day is on Sunday, and while I always look forward to the wonderful time I’ll spend with my children on that day, it is also a sad one for me because my Dad is no longer with us.

There’s a part of me that feels like it’s wrong to enjoy the holiday when my Father is gone.  I know that probably sounds a bit ridiculous, but I still feel guilty nevertheless.

Obviously, I can’t be glum and depressed when my amazing children are celebrating my special day, but at the same time, I just feel like I need to spend some time mourning.

What do you advise?  I know you lost your Father several years ago, so what do you do to deal with this on Father’s Day?

Thanks for your help.

A Father and a Son

Happy_Fathers_dayDear Father & Son,

Happy Father’s Day!  While it’s…

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My Father, The Superhero

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AvengersMy Dad was a banker.  He was not one of the Avengers, a member of the Justice League, or a Jedi Knight.

Regardless, he was my Superhero.

Dad was 44 when I was born.  He was not exactly a spring chicken when his Mini Me came into the world.  A year and a half later, my kid sister arrived.

I was 3, and my little sister not yet 2, when my Mom died.  Suddenly, my Father was responsible for raising two little ones on his own.  Did I mention I also have a sister who is 16 years my senior?

I can’t even begin to think how devastating it must have been to have lost the love of his life, but did he even have time to mourn her passing?  How could he with two motherless children suddenly depending on him for everything?

FootballSomehow, dear old Dad found a way. …

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Disbelief and Minorities

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I walked into my local doughnut haunt, Barb’s Bakery, with a mission: to get several chocolate-frosted cake donuts to ring in my 34th birthday. The first disappointment of the day came when I quickly learned that they had sold out of my coveted treats. I settled on some other (and delicious, as I later experienced) fried goods and went to check out. The cashier, the somewhat smarmy chipper and genial guy I dealt with in sporadic meetings over the past year, rang me up and wished me a good day.

The doors were closing and I was almost out of there, almost ready to enjoy the sugary spoils of the day, when I heard something that baffled me:

“Put it down, homey!”

I looked around the parking lot and saw no one. The store had been empty aside from a guy that looked ripped out of…

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