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The Problem with Dating 9-5 Men in America



I Had an Interesting conversation today with a FB Guy trying to score with me. Michael Reid of Salt Lake City.Check him out Gurls..


I’m a pretty successful woman I would like to say. But I truly seek a down to earth,hard working 9-5 small business owner or man. whose striving to build their own path in life.

A man where I can get behind his dream and lay a brick or two for him.If I decide because I see and believe in his struggle or movement.

Ladies, such as Tera Patrick, Gwyn Stefani and Many more date ordinary down to earth men and have wonderful relationships. Only thing is finding a man, who looks at you as a woman and not a threat or meal ticket.

In the beginning I had a cool conversation with this guy and JUST like that he went south with that Dumb and Ignorant guy’s test a woman on.

LMAO (YES) Its hard out here for a “Go Getter Female” to find a love to have a walk in the park, cook a meal together and watch a movie,while cuddling after a long day.

This is one of my BIGGEST topics I’ll discuss on my show with every female guest and hopefully. shed some light on the PROBLEM with low self esteem men in America. I am also going to look forward to sitting down some of Americas playas Like {Ice T or Don Juan) to hear their side, why the america’s men can’t grow mentally out of repression and depression enough to into a mentally healthy relationship.

By: Amaris Soph’e Adara

Music Lyrics are powerful! “Has Rap lead to Tainting the image of Women?”


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Researching as far back as the 1960’s and 70’s with “Ron O’Neal – The Pimp Super Fly” Music by Recording Artist: Curtis Mayfield. Some say this is the origin of depicting women as whores and strung out drug addicts that were at the beck and calll of the “Pusher Man” Began. Generations later the young men who idolized the super pimp started to mimic his pedigree and implement his teaching in their music and life style. Taking what they had learned from a “world wide pimp icon” and the soultry lyrics of “Recording Artist Curtis Mayfield” into their DNA as the next super pimp/pusher recording artist and from there the fire spread into today’s recording artist. Who surprisingly are more than ever to this day listening to the the album “Super Fly”

Ron O’Neal “Super Fly” Interview:                                                      

Take into account the adult entertainment business and music industry business “Today”  has unionized as soul mates . This may very well be the justification to why artist refer to depicting women as such disrespectful gesture.

The women they’ve unions depict “themselves” as these disrespectful names,”Boss Bitch =Top Hoe, Money Maker=Top Hoe and the titles go on as a pedigree to separating themselves from, women who title themselves as business professionals = Squares in the eyes of “Urban Street Hustle Professionals” = BOSS BITCHES ! Who may very well have derived from those women who were watching Pam Grier “Coffy,Foxy and Jackie Brown” back in the days.

So, I set out to interview one of today’s rising artist and ask the “BIG ?” Why does recording artist use depicting gestures about women in there lyrics is it just to sell records or is this how they truly see women. Artist Wayne McCarthy “One Take” had an interesting answer to my question.

Watch the interview below.

Amaris Adara and Recording Artist: Wayne McCarthy  (aka) “One Take ”

I would honestly have to say there is some relevancy to his answer.

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GURL TALK with AMARIS 1st. Episode {Special Guest: Teen Artist “TAJ”}

Welcome to the first Season and Episode of “Gurl Talk with Amaris”. On World Wide Mobile Television at: Www.GurlTalk.TV

Amaris makes a moving introduction as to why? She’s wanted to become a “Talk Show Host”. Later Amaris interviews “Chetajah George -aka-TAJ”.On Epics Renege on her Singles Record Deal.

TAJ entered into a radio showcase against 500 plus, male recording artist and WON! When it came time for TAJ receiving the prizes. Epic Records and Streetz 94.5 Radio station Atlanta ,who are the promoters decided they wanted a male winner.









Epic Record label decided to reneged on honoring TAJ with the Singles Record Deal that was promised the showcase winner Prize.

Epic’s, Head of A&R Benny Poughs used TAJ age as the basis. TAJ is age 16. Same as/or older than Mindless Behavior,Justin Bieber and many more signed early to major labels. What a horrible thing to do to a Teen working hard to reach her goals in a all male run industry.


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Catch “Gurl Talk TV Show with Host: Amaris Adara. This show will take its place in Talk Show History as the first Mobile Television (8) Episode reality talk show season to air on Mobile Television’s innovative flash platform embedded into a website for Global Access.


Gurl Talk with Amaris primarily targets the aspiring teenage female market,”Gurl Power”Yet does cater to both sexes. Amaris Adara age (23) Sicilian and Creole has risen from Americas foster care system to take her place in society as an achieved “self acclaimed” entrepreneur as Ceo of ASA Entertainment. An Atlanta based Production and Communications Firm growing above and beyond expectations.

Thursday’s 1st episode is said to be a very moving and explosive show. Host Amaris will open with a self presented bio presentation about her life till Today, providing her audience with personal insight and misery to her child hood upbringing in foster care homes the bulk of her life.

Why, She’s worked some of Americas horrible experiences to rise above the hells of foster living and into an achieved woman.

Tune in this thursday 7pm & 9pm At: Www.GurlTalk.TV or Www.TeensChannel17.TV

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Be sure and capture this moving episode as host Amaris Adara,Captures the hearts of the World and enlighten tomorrows young women with the strength to hang in there and keep moving forward !






Amaris will also, Interview special guest: “Chatejah George” (aka) Teen Recording Artist “TAJ” about her recent Singles Recording Contract Win and Renege. By Epic Records and Atlanta’s 94.5 Radio Station.

How labels and radio stations are using teens and youths to boost their audience ratings and brand awareness to later renege on administering the prizes Won by these kids.Just heart breaking.








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