New Music!! Rapper Trina Just Dropped A New Video… “Money Aint A Problem” Check It Out!

LOVE IT GO TRINA… Ok, Im going to need you on my show couch for an interview soon , Amaris

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According to http://

“Money ain’t a problem so I don’t ever hate…”

Trina’s baaaaaaack!

While you were sleeping last night, the baddest b-tch released the video for  her brand new gritty club banger “Money Ain’t A Problem,” a single plucked from  her sixth studio album due out this summer.

The Ted Huff-directed clip features Trina on her royalty ish, sitting upon  her throne as the reigning Queen of Rap, while surrounded by her crew of  baddies. Elsewhere in the video, she switches it up, serving us some Rihanna “Stay” video tease and even some artistic flavor as she boasts about her lavish  lifestyle while painted in a black and white checkerboard  pattern.

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