The Belle Meets Mark Lipsky, One of the Top Film Producers in the Country

Praise 100.9

The Belle and Mark LipskyLos Angeles,  CA ?While taking a short break out on the West Coast, Sheilah Belle, The Belle, not only experienced the lastest earthquake hitting the scale at 4.4, but she also got a chance to meet and hang out with one of the top film producers in the country, Mark Lipsky.

Lipsky is currently working on the latest film production out of Joshua Coatest camp, ?For Thine is the Kingdom.?

Lipsky’s credits also include Coming to America (executive producer), Metro (executive producer), The Nutty Professor (executive producer), Vampire in Brooklyn (producer), Beverly Hills Cop III (executive producer), Boomerang (executive producer), Another 48 Hrs. (executive producer), Harlem Nights (producer) and The Arsenio Hall Show (TV series).

?One thing I have realized, ANYTIME, you are in L.A., you could end up running into anyone. Mr. Lipsky is truly one of the jewels of Hollywood,? says The Belle.

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