4 Reasons The ‘On The Run’ Tour Isn’t Selling Out

i love this piece it displays something women forgot or never were introduced “Team Work – Makes The Dream Work” with your MAN! Not your girl friend – who will find a man and X you out later. Read into the message of this Piece ladies.

Loyalty,Dedication and Respect to your man and The Game of Success will give the tools to accomplish your goals.

I LOVE THIS PIECE!!! “Modern Day – Bonnie & Clyde”

The Urban Daily


So the “On the Run” tour hasn’t sold out not one date — and we have a good idea why! Jay Z and Beyonce have been up in our faces ever since Blue was born, and while most people seem to like that, CLEARLY, there are those out there who aren’t feeling it.

Why are there so many tickets left for their tour? Let’s run through some ideas.

It’s too damn expensive.

nene twirl

Carters, what? The rent’s too dam high! One ticket, for the good seats, is $300 damn dollars — $300!! You know what you can get for $300? Something that will last a whole lot longer than two hours, I’ll tell you that much. I mean, how much are you supposed to give over to these folks? I know why they named their tour “On the Run” — because after they rob you for all you got, they’re running with…

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