Imported From The D Live From Summer Jamz 17 Brought To You By Heineken

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Summer Jamz 17 Detroit che

Imported from Detroit Live at Summer Jamz 17 brought to you by Heineken featured Detroit artists such as Detroit Che, Luwee V Stunna and Champ!

The first performance of the evening was by an amazingly talented artist by the name of Detroit Che. She pleasantly graced the stage with one of the crows personal favorites ” Talk my sh*t” followed by ” My b*tch is a 10″. With her supportive Dj behind her also known as DJBJ3525, ” Pardon his greatness” they worked together to give an amazing energy to the crowd. Her recent mixtape NOAH which is doing amazing on hosted by DJBJ 3525. ” She a motor city rapper” and ” RIP to Renisha McBride” were just a few great words spoken from her great stage set. Rocking her Detroit Che Jersey trust me the crowd won’t forget this performance.

Luwee V stunna rocked the stage in…

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