Is The Cost of The Hip-Hop Lifestyle Affecting Sales?


The Urban Daily

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The one uncanny thing about hip-hop culture that even I don’t understand, is the amount of money that it takes to live it. Maybe I should put that as, the amount of money that rappers say you should be spending to live it. As I really analyze music as a whole, its subject matter and spending habits, it’s starting to make sense to me why rap music is on a fast decline as far as record sales, yet everybody looks like they could afford to by ten copies of one album per week of their favorite artist and have change.

“How you want it? My Jeans is $300” – Jay-Z [Show You How]

“Just bought a shirt that cost a Mercedes Benz car note “- 2 Chainz [All Me]

To the fan who is obsessed with “Living the Culture,” how can you not expect them to run out and try…

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