My Father, The Superhero

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

AvengersMy Dad was a banker.  He was not one of the Avengers, a member of the Justice League, or a Jedi Knight.

Regardless, he was my Superhero.

Dad was 44 when I was born.  He was not exactly a spring chicken when his Mini Me came into the world.  A year and a half later, my kid sister arrived.

I was 3, and my little sister not yet 2, when my Mom died.  Suddenly, my Father was responsible for raising two little ones on his own.  Did I mention I also have a sister who is 16 years my senior?

I can’t even begin to think how devastating it must have been to have lost the love of his life, but did he even have time to mourn her passing?  How could he with two motherless children suddenly depending on him for everything?

FootballSomehow, dear old Dad found a way. …

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