T.I. Claps Back At Azealia Banks In Scathing Instagram Post [PHOTO]

WOA!! This shouid be good “ARTIST” Media Stunting at its best. TI just stunted with May Weather. Now another PR Stunt…Whats his angle

The Urban Daily

ti-azealia-banks-gettyRapper Azealia Banks just started a war and we don’t think she’s ready for battle. The “212” lady rhymer had some strong words for the King of the South T.I. about his wife Tiny. Never one to back down from a war of words, T.I. read Azealia Banks for filth via his Instagram account.


Here’s how it all started. Azealia Banks is still holding on to some old beef she had with T.I.’s former artist Iggy Azalea. Azealia Banks took issue with the Australian rapper calling herself a runaway slave catcher in an old song. However, after the two exchanged words, things seemed to die down. That is until Iggy Azalea and T.I. released their new song “No Mediocre” yesterday. When Banks heard the song, she took to her Twitter for some choice words. Azealia Banks tweeted, “U want no mediocre … Have you seen your wife?” The…

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