Voletta Wallace Details Origin Of Lil Kim Feud [VIDEO]

The Urban Daily

wallace-lil-kim-gettyWhen R&B singer Monica released her song “Anything (To Find You)” at the tail end of 2011, an old beef was brought back to the surface. Originally, the song featured verses from Rick Ross and Lil Kim. However, when the song was officially released, Lil Kim was taken off. Many attributed it to the fact “Anything” sampled Biggie‘s hit “Who Shot Ya” and his mother Voletta Wallace wouldn’t give her permission to use the sample unless Lil Kim was removed. Plenty of fans knew Ms. Wallace was feuding with the Brooklyn rapstress, but the reason why was elusive. Finally,  we’re learning the origin of the beef.


A video recently posted on VladTV shows Ms. Wallace in a 2005 interview with SOHH.com discussing the reason she and Lil Kim had a falling out. Apparently, after the death and funeral of The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim and Ms. Wallace…

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