WTF: Woman Catfishes Her Niece On Facebook And Discovers Niece Is Trying To Kill Her

The Urban Daily

Facebook getty

This is one of the wildest tales we’ve heard in more than a little while! Apparently after a woman developed a “catfish” persona on Facebook to find out what her niece was doing online, she uncovered a dark plot that ended in her young relative’s arrest.

According to The Huntsville Times, 19-year-old Marissa Williams moved into her aunt’s home in Fosters, Alabama in April of this year.  Her aunt claimed that Williams brought home strangers she met on Facebook.

The aunt confronted her niece about the strange men and asked her not to bring them into their home any further. Williams decided to block her aunt on Facebook instead of honoring her request.

According to her deposition, the aunt created a fake profile on the social media site to find out what she was being blocked from viewing. She pretended  to be a younger guy named Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis

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