Let’s discuss the presidential candidateS after the debate. Wow, first of all what a darn debate !

Theres really only two presidential candidates to discuss, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton they’re my prediction. Who this will boil down to.

The others, are doing as americans have seen over the decades and have had enough. Just stuck up, soft spoken without a pair; is why america has been loosing at the foreign ventures table. YES, We expect our president to send officials, over seas to bring business back to the U.S. Our officials tend go give our jobs away to overseas ventures for cheap labor. “Thanks to the financial support of big business’s and their lobbyist” on capital hill GOP!

The other candidates Jeb, Cruz, Rubio Etc..are merely pawns ,who got their wish of telling their grand kids .They ran for president (OK) sat down now LOL. 

Let’s Start with Hillary, She’s a veteran of the white house, government infrastructure and knows how the games is played on capital hill .

Hillary’s also prepared to give Women all the power of the world . That part, does not fly with “Power and Industry” the people who actually run the U.S. EXAMPLE: If georgia power and all other electric company’s decide to cut the power to the U.S. We’re in the dark. Believe me they hold this over Capitla Hills head, when they want a political favor.

Hillary’s other interest are good and helpful .But not striking at home with America as a whole. Where are hillery’s loyalty’s to bringing jobs back home from over seas. Revising our “out dated government policy’s” and corrupt judicial system.

Not once has hillary or any candidates showed concern, about americas biggest issue we’re facing. “Civil War” stemming from police killings of the innocent, all across America. Police have gone rouge and manipulating the courts prosecutors and judges to support their crimes. Kids are getting killed at random by police and the courts are helping police to cover these crimes up. This is no different than military crimes, when solders go off the reservation and kill up innocents LOL. But true.


I think Hillary needs to get on board as do the other politicians on what Americans are truly concerned about, Today! “IT’S QUALITY OF LIFE”

Donald J Trump, As much as most can’t stand the mans ego and arrogance. Hes politically correct for America, Today ! He’s a proven human being first, people can relate to Donald. Hes been in the streets of America. Hes paid his way through life and pave ways for other Americans to follow. This American Dream!

Donald, Implemented very well on the debate. He gave stiff neck book worms a tongue lashing outside their “Statesmanship Ivy League BS” that Americans are fed up with that type politicians character. What politicians call capitol hill etiquette is not what Americans want anymore.

We want a real life human being that understand Americans concerns and hears their voices. How can you understand. what americans are saying, when you’ve never been on the streets of America. Mr & Mrs Ivy League.

Donald, Trump weathered the hispanic racial smear campaign and at the end of the day. Americans love his performance at the Debate. Megan Kelly you blew it ! Using that ole female desrespect tactic.

America needs a business person to run The U.S. America is a business that all Americans are investing their savings, taxes, future and Life into. The ROI for americans is happiness, safety and a true opportunity at the American Dream, SUCCESS!

I honestly feel Americans want a ballsey/Arrogant turnkey businessman with a real mouth piece that will use his confidence and business expertise to bring back home America, that’s been sold to every country in the universe.


Attention Americans, America has been financed to china and every-other country. We are not free as long as we owe others and not own America right out. The financial debt to other country’s is what starting wars clearly put..When we DON’T pay up on our debt.. Goverment officials sell our Jobs and Everything else to stop these country’s from sending the collection team to the U.S “WAR” on american soil. Now you know why terrorist are attacking our world trade centers Etc..

Written By.

Amaris Adara


  1. Donald has owned three businesses that went bankrupt, so honestly, I don’t trust his business practices. He’s so out of touch with the everyman. He lives in his own world in the top 1%. Plus, the economy has done far better under Democrat presidents rather than Republicans. Studies prove that. But yeah, I think it’ll come down to Trump and Hillary, although Bernie has my support all the way.

    • I agree to disagree. Many have filed bankrupt on parts of their business portfolio. Due to various reasons out of they’re control and in most cases it’s a smart business move. when legally theres no resolution that will allow you to regroup or may affect your other businesses that are untrelated to the erred business. EXAMPLE: Recording Artist 50 cent file bankruptcy on one of his businesses that was being “ILL” sued. Better to file bankruptcy, than have your other businesses that had nothing to do with that erred business become affected.

      Yes, Democrats are a better governing partie for the working class. But here lately they are laying down on their own sword. Not picking up the ball in the areas they need be. This democratic partie are abunch of snakes and cross over kings and queens. They can’t decide whether to be Dems or Rep.

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