I’ve never in dinning out have I experienced such horrible service and bad food as I did at Strip Steak House” Atlantic Station, Atlanta GA.

Beautiful restaurant ,great location and wonderful patrons. However the waiters and waitress are very improperly attired for the ambiance and pizzazz this place reflects.

Waiters with pants sagging -boxers showing with an Ebonics lyrical greeting. Waitress same greeting tune with unprofessional hair, un-manicured nail polish and accessories artifacts that are unbecoming a customer service position in the professional industry.

My executive director and I ordered a rib eye medium well and provided the specified temperature and how much pink we would like to have visible. The waiter express his excitement about their chef .

After 45 minutes of waiting I decided to ask for the manager as soon as I ask ,the waiter decides to bring our food out and after cutting into the center of the rib eye and seeing it’s well done through and  through. I again ask for management.

The very heavy set African American Manager comes over with an irate greeting and tone, almost yelling with facials referencing Anger . ? “What Is The Problem”  he asked .

My Director, step in and asked the manager could he be a bit more pleasant in his approach and concern from this point. The manager ask again -same tone ? What is the problem “.

Wow..Is all I could say. We both explained the elapsed time of preparation to the delivery of the food. How, over cooked the rib eye was and (?) what measures were he prepared to take to correcting these issue to keep our business.

Sadly, I would have to say. This guy said NONE!

My director and I moved to exit ourselves from the table and this guy .Blocked my director in and ask that he pay for the food,before hes allowed to leave or be charged with theft.

My director simply explained, please call the authority’s. The manager said .Just pay and never bring your uppity buts back here again. I then expressed “NO” there will be no payment for this type of service or the horrible rib eye’s that has not been dis-proportioned  by either of us.

The manager then, Ask my director to show him the problem with the food. So, LOL My director ask that the manager take a cut into the both rib eyes (each) to locate for pink or even reddish color visible to the naked eye.

As the manager picked up fork and knife ,cut into both rib eyes and pointed to a thin grey line and said there’s your pink. The Manager went on to explain, rib eyes do not remain pink after being placed under 400% Temperature for any amount of time. My director then explained. He would pay for the two glasses of wine and the veggies since I had started with my veggies. But under no circumstances,will he pay for either of the rib eyes. The reason why is that the “You !, Mr. Manager”  handled the food without plastic gloves, out side the food being unprofessionally prepared LMAO!!!

The Atlantic Station Security, said to the manager Sir .Hes absolutely correct.You did handle the rib eyes in front of me without the required health dept latex gloves.

We moved to pay our $20 Tab and Exited. Never again to eat there again. The next day we both tried making a formal complaint with the H2sr restaurant group – who owns Strip Steaks,Twist, Shout ,AJA, Prime and a few more restaurants around Atlanta.

We got bounced around and placed on hold so long till .The wait was not worth the complaint. They’re investment groups handling of our attempt informed them of their corporate image and services damages, administered by their very own staff. Displayed an even horrible picture. They’re not concerned.

If you’ve never eaten 4 or 5 Star Services or Experienced Professional Service .Then. I can see why one would express “Strip Steaks ” is a good place to Eat.

Dinning Consumers, work to hard for their income. I would hope never to spend their money without getting.The Service and Quality they’re paying to receive and with a Smile 🙂

Amaris Soph’e Adara




Amaris poster

ATTN: READ ALL ABOUT IT ! “Gurl Talk TV Show” Premier Launch August 2014, Press Release.

Amaris Soph’e Adara. Special Events Promotions and Entertainment Model/ Actress, base in Atlanta GA. In 2014,  Amaris will be your host to: “GURL TALK”  with Amaris & Friends. Directed, Produced and Hosted By: Amaris Soph’e Adara Entertainment and GNPTV Productions.Global Network Music Group Company.
Gurl Talk, takes on “Face to Face” Today’s Male & Female Music Industry Recording Artist and Executives. Investigating and Interviewing some of Americas music industry figures on, WHY!!  Women around the world are depicted as this horrible species of people in the recording artist lyrics ,videos and their real life perception.

The show will touch on:

* Inspire Aspiring Youth/Teens In The Music and Entertainment Industry

* Entertainment  Industry Hot Topics:”Celebrity’s Steamy Relationship Gossip”

* In The Public Eye: “Industry Fashionist & Fashionistas”

* The “Pros & Cons” of female brands and  products-healthy or not

* Exotic Industry Highlight: “Upfront & Behind The Scenes” as the show takes on ‘The Brass Pole Industry” which has become a prestige employment for women,Today. Also is this where our recording artist lyrical theory originated.

A must watch show for both music,exotic and young women around the world ,who have long awaited to see the music industry artist themselves face the harsh question in front of a Global Broadcast “GURL TALK with Amaris & Friends”

Gurl Talk with Amaris Is the first (8) Episode Reality Talk Show to air WorldWide on Mobile Television. That’s right making history ,show is analytically measured and ads data reporting .Same as Nielsen and Facebook Tv. This provides ads agency’s and media buyers the much needed researched data required for their client satisfaction.

* Global Reach
* Audience Target: 13 – 40
* Multicultural and Diverse
* Smart phone and social media users

“Gurl Talk with Amaris” Premieres August 14th, 7pm On Mobile TV – AT: Www.GurlTalk.TV

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