Music Lyrics are powerful! “Has Rap lead to Tainting the image of Women?”


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Researching as far back as the 1960’s and 70’s with “Ron O’Neal – The Pimp Super Fly” Music by Recording Artist: Curtis Mayfield. Some say this is the origin of depicting women as whores and strung out drug addicts that were at the beck and calll of the “Pusher Man” Began. Generations later the young men who idolized the super pimp started to mimic his pedigree and implement his teaching in their music and life style. Taking what they had learned from a “world wide pimp icon” and the soultry lyrics of “Recording Artist Curtis Mayfield” into their DNA as the next super pimp/pusher recording artist and from there the fire spread into today’s recording artist. Who surprisingly are more than ever to this day listening to the the album “Super Fly”

Ron O’Neal “Super Fly” Interview:                                                      

Take into account the adult entertainment business and music industry business “Today”  has unionized as soul mates . This may very well be the justification to why artist refer to depicting women as such disrespectful gesture.

The women they’ve unions depict “themselves” as these disrespectful names,”Boss Bitch =Top Hoe, Money Maker=Top Hoe and the titles go on as a pedigree to separating themselves from, women who title themselves as business professionals = Squares in the eyes of “Urban Street Hustle Professionals” = BOSS BITCHES ! Who may very well have derived from those women who were watching Pam Grier “Coffy,Foxy and Jackie Brown” back in the days.

So, I set out to interview one of today’s rising artist and ask the “BIG ?” Why does recording artist use depicting gestures about women in there lyrics is it just to sell records or is this how they truly see women. Artist Wayne McCarthy “One Take” had an interesting answer to my question.

Watch the interview below.

Amaris Adara and Recording Artist: Wayne McCarthy  (aka) “One Take ”

I would honestly have to say there is some relevancy to his answer.

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