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Come aboard the fastest growing Talk Show, Before it’s Television launch August 14, Thursday 7pm eastern 2014. On (GNP-TV CH17) Atlanta,

“Gurl Talk with Amaris” is first to air an (8) Episode Season on Mobile Devices Globally ! Viewable on your smart phones,Pads,PC’s and Smart TV’s ! Anywhere-Anytime, theres a Wi Fi-Internet connection. making this show a global accessible broadcast, anywhere  world wide and on the Go.

Amaris Soph’e Adara, This Shows Host, Age 23 Sicilian/Creole, model,video actress and professional entertainer is no stranger to large audiences and providing a great show. Amaris has been an entertainer since age 14 as a cheerleader. nye7-touched.jpg Gurl Talk TV Show,Targets A 13-40 Diverse M-F,Multi Cultural audience. Subjects and discussions are today’s inspired woman, empowerment, celebrity guest and various Juicy Hot Topics for discussion about relationships, entrepreneurship,the music industry and what tomorrow holds for our young women and men coming into life’s reality.

This show is socially engaged for social media participation,ads activation and brand awareness to “The Now Audience” analytically measured for ads/data research/reporting.


      Produced at GNP TV Studios , Atlanta GA Stay Tuned in and Enjoy, “Gurl Talk with Amaris & Friends” Ads Opportunity’s Contact: 1-404-333-8770