I was reading why, Syria and their government are at war



Obama and his Administration should be ashamed at how long they have waited too get involved with this GENOCIDE in Syria. America has waited until chemical weapons were used by the Syrian military on Syria’s civilians, fighting for they’re lives against a murderous government.

Now, I find the cause of this war NO different,than whats going on here in the U.S.  I hope civil war does not take shape here in America.

If our president does not step in and shut down our Nations “CORRUPT POLICE AND JUDICIARY COURT SYSTEMS” across America from setting free murderous “CHILD KILLING POLICE” !!

I fear this may cause a break in society and open season on innocent police .Due to corrupt “GONG HO” Police miss using their Gun and Badge. I do not feel, all police officers are bad.

Heres the thing !

The bad cops Over shadow, Out rank and Out number the good cops is why good cops fear bringing these mentally disturb – power hungry – fetish killing  MONSTERS to Justice.

The good ole boy club protects them in our court system, their primary cover up blanket Literally untouchable. Police vote “PROSECUTORS” in office. This needs to change to lift that weight and fear off good prosecutor, would stand up against bad cops presenting bad cases and pressuring prosecutors to cover up for these corrupt cops.

President Obama, Mentioned in a piece aired on NBC Today. He’s asking the youth to trust authority’s in another country, He’s failed to see, what that got kids in his own country AMERICA !

2016 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES , Would be smart to get the ball rolling on a resolution to stop this sick corruptions that i am sure is going to break americans into civil war Soon!

PLEASE READ:http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/syrian-civil-war/story?id=20112311

Auther: Amaris Adara  /Www.GurlTalkTVShow.com